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Delish Restaurant & Wine Shop

A little bit about Delish

From the people who owned Michael’s Cafe and Deli now bring you Delish. They have moved to the country for a slower and more peaceful style of living and stumbled across an abandoned roadside gem begging for someone to take ownership and turn it into something.

Bringing you homemade goods such as Wood-fired artisanal bread and a variety of pies, jams and sauces there is always something new and interesting to try and buy.

We can offer you our amazing breakfasts – best enjoyed with a lovely cappuccino.

If you are passing through town you are welcome to come and sit outside on our shady deck and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee and some lunch. Or if you are in a hurry you can always just make it “To-Go”!

Being open in the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday and with our Lunch Specials we promise to offer you a good, value-for-money meal beautifully presented in a pleasant ambience.

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Die Rooi Pot Restaurant


We are situated in Heidelberg on the busy N2 connecting Cape Town and George. Convenient halfway stop between these two big towns for a quick bite or stretching legs. Lots of open spaces so let your four legged kids out too so they can have a run around!
Passion for food is what inspired this restaurant. Been in the food industry my whole life and learned a lot along the way.... NOW I practice it!!

We strive to keep as much as possible homemade, no preservatives or short cuts...and as they say, the proof is in the pudding! Jams, pickles, salads, sauces, spices is our bottled range of love put into a bottle and kept for you.
Bobotie, lasagne, butter chicken curry, lamb malay curry is but a few of the cooked and frozen meals we have for you. Creamy spinach & feta, cauliflower, broccoli & white sauce, green bean mash, sweet butternut, caramelised sweet potato, cinnamon pumpkin...starches such as yellow rice, white rice etc.
When we first started out we began with chicken kebabs in a curry sauce, an old trusted family recipe. What makes it spectacular is the size...a whopping 40cm kebab!! These will also be available in our freezer as its very popular all over.

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Heidelberg Bowling Club

Heidelberg Golf Course

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Heidelberg Nursery

Proeviand Restaurant

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Seattle Coffee Company Heidelberg

Ethically sourced. Artisan roasted. Lovingly prepared.

We strive to capture the artisanal approach towards our craft – traceability of crops, handpicked harvesting, hand roasting and manual espresso production – a ‘quality at-all-costs’ approach that cascades down from farm to the cup in your hand.

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Skeerhok Farm Stall

If you’re after Rustic flavour with Vintage charm and the romantic feeling of the countryside, Die Skeerhok will offer you this and so much more. Located along the N2, only a few kilometres out of Heidelberg, Die Skeerhok is a unique venue eclectically decorated with charming vintage furniture, lights, chandeliers, and exquisite wall art by Tom Roberts “Shearing the rams”.

Built in a style reminiscent of the forgotten wool industry from the turn of the century – Die Skeerhok is a beautiful vintage rustic restaurant that has been created to cater to breakfasts, lunches, dinners, wedding ceremonies or smaller functions.

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Spar Supermarket and Hot Foods

A culture of caring
We are a part of the community and community is like family. We strive to give you the highest quality produce, the freshest meats, and granny-approved baked goods, all at the right price, every day.

Our Values & Culture
There’s something different about shopping at SPAR, that’s because we’ve created a culture of caring and community to ensure our customers have a consistently enjoyable shopping experience in a uniquely friendly and family orientated store. Nothing means more to us than our valued customers and we believe in going the extra mile to give them the best. From sourcing the finest products to providing willing and efficient staff who take a personal interest in our customers’ needs.

Our Promise
While striving to give our customers an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience, we also offer more than 1000 exclusive SPAR Brand products, available at  stores nationwide.
Using only the best and freshest ingredients, we make premium quality products at very competitive prices. To ensure we keep ahead of brand standards, we have our products tested by an independent laboratory on a monthly basis. Because we are so sure of our quality, we offer customers a ‘Double Your Money Back Quality Guarantee’ on all our SPAR Brand products, including fresh produce purchased from us.
Our goal is to provide our customers with unwavering quality of the highest standards, complemented by excellent and personalised service in a warm and inviting, community environment.

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Star Nation Art Studio

Star Nation is a Native American myth or if you prefer to believe what we believe, a lifestyle. The story goes that we are all part of the big star nation out there, we are made from stardust, we are connected to all life and when we die we become stardust again.

For us the name means that living a creative lifestyle and living our dream and passion is our way to acknowledge and respect life. Creativity helps to connect people, it brings out the best in us, it is what we leave behind, our art.

This special, unique place we call Star Nation Art Studio & Gallery has always been part of the dream that we built together, to create a space where people can feel connected to life through creativity. You walk into a creative space where you can explore your creativity.

Star Nation Art Studio & Gallery is situated in the small town of Heidelberg, this is the ideal environment for a creative lifestyle. Rural, less traffic, more open spaces and the luxury to live where you work. As artist we like to stay in an environment where we can cocoon and where ideas can have the chance to blossom into fruition at their own pace.

Cats, chickens, children, life happens at the studio. The studio is also a place of inspiration for visitors and forms a central hub for creative activity in our area.

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The Blue Crane Farm Stall

Wimpy Restaurant

Welcome to Engen 1 Stop Heidelberg CT. For as long as most people can remember, we’ve been pulling out a seat for anyone and everyone in search of a warm meal & an even warmer welcome. When you’re looking for the best breakfast on a budget, come on over for the Double Up Breakfast with 2 eggs, 2 rashers of back bacon, 2 pork bangers & a slice of toast. But what’s for lunch? Whether it’s an everyday moment or a special milestone, welcome the occasion with a delicious cheeseburger with freshly fried crispy onion rings. Come on over for our Crispy Onion Cheeseburger with Chips & FREE Coke.

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